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Put an End to the Chaos in Your Finances – Download Self-Employed Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

31/05/2016 08:38 am

We have a question to all of our self-employed readers: could you quickly tell us how much you earned last year and what your expenses were? We would not be surprised if the answer was negative. Here, at Right Accounts, we understand that bookkeeping is not the most pleasant task, and so people tend to postpone it as much as possible. However, we also know that it is inevitable.

Effective bookkeeping

Right Accounts’ accountants want to help self-employed professionals to save time by creating a Bookkeeping spreadsheet, which will help self-employed professionals (not VAT registered) lead a more effective finance bookkeeping.

The spreadsheet contains separate forms for entering income and expenses as well as a Profit & Loss Account for the accounting period.

Ready and easy to use

In the spreadsheet we have included a step-by-step guide for filling in the forms as well as some tips, which will help you to easily organise your finances.

The main forms of the spreadsheet are very easy to use. Enter all expenses incurred during the accounting period in the Expenses sheet. For your convenience we have also created separate columns for the most popular types of expenses so that all you have to do is enter the amount you have spent.

Also, enter sales invoices raised during the accounting period in the Income sheet and add comments in the Description field, specifying from whom and what for the invoice was issued. This way you will be able to quickly see what type of work and which clients bring you the most money.

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