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Right Accounts provide professional taxation and accounting services at fixed prices in the UK.


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Ltd Companies

There are many ways to set up and register a business in the United Kingdom. It is easy to get confused and fail to fill in corporation tax or PAYE returns. There is a number of questions that might arise:

  • What type of business should I register myself as – self-employed, a limited liability company (Ltd.), a business partnership or a limited liability partnership (LLP).?
  • How can I save taxes?
  • How do I fill in annual PAYE or corporation tax returns?
  • How do I do accounting of staff payments?

It is very important to have a professional accountant who can help you answer these questions and avoid costly mistakes. Therefore, if you treasure your time, contact Right Accounts.

We will help you choose the most suitable type of business, the best tax scheme, take care of your finances, prepare annual reports and return forms and will effectively fulfil other bookkeeping tasks.

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Why should you assign your accounts to us?

  • We register the company and provide secretarial services;
  • We do your bookkeeping;
  • We prepare quarterly VAT and annual PAYE returns;
  • We prepare all annual reports;
  • We prepare accounting of staff payment (payrolls, reports, etc.);
  • We prepare CIS – reports of construction companies;
  • It is important for us to maintain a special relationship with our customers and we work at hours convenient for you.

Our prices for companies

  • Monthly all-inclusive fixed price for a contractor working through his own Ltd Company (one man Company) - £50.
  • Complete package for businesses with a turnover up to £200,000 - from £120 per month. The package comprises:
  • preparation and submission of annual reports;
  • calculation of corporation tax;
  • submission of corporation tax returns;
  • VAT quarterly reports;
  • tax returns for one director (if required);
  • annual PAYE reports and director's remuneration;
  • monthly payrolls for 4 employees;
  • bookkeeping (4 hours a month);
  • overseeing correspondence with HMRC;
  • overseeing correspondence of the Companies House;
  • company secretarial services;
  • unlimited consultation and assistance.

Please note that the package may be reduced according to your needs and the price will be reviewed accordingly.

The following services may be added to the package:
bookkeeping - £10 per hour;
payroll - £3.5 per payslip;
CIS subcontractor payment statement - £3.5 for a statement;
CIS administration – monthly CIS returns for HMRC - £20.

Assistance during the inspection of HM Revenue & Customs is not included in the prices and will be charged as extra.