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Right Accounts provide professional taxation and accounting services at fixed prices in the UK.


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Tax Return

The great majority of people working in the United Kingdom have to declare their income. The process is time consuming, requires knowledge, thoroughness and responsibility.

If you treasure your time or lack accountancy knowledge – call Right Accounts! We provide quality and professional services: we will prepare your annual tax return forms, advise you during a tax inspection and, if necessary, help you claim a tax refund.

What should you know about completing your tax return?

First of all, you have to complete your tax return form annually. You have to send a tax return if you are:

  • a self-employed sole trader;
  • a company director;
  • receiving income from selling or renting out property;
  • receiving interest on bank deposits;
  • receiving income from any other business transactions;
  • receiving income not only from your employer but also from other sources.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us or complete a self-assessment form right away.

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Why choose us?

  • We care about having a good relationship with our customers and work at your convenience – evenings and weekends included.
  • We work with customers from all over the United Kingdom and communicate via Skype, e-mail, post and phone.
  • We work from home, which allows us to offer low prices for professional services.
  • Prices are fixed and agreed before the service, so you will never be unpleasantly surprised.
  • We do not deduct a percentage from the refunded amount.
  • The price for our services remains fixed for builders registered with the CIS scheme and depends on the scope of work.

Our prices for tax return services are very appealing

  • Self-assessment tax return for self-employed from £65 (submission only – nil tax return).
  • Tax return for self-employed, including builders registered with CIS - £95 *.

*If any cumulative income and expenses are organised in categories by filling in our online form. If invoices, receipts and other documents for calculation are provided, the price starts from £120 and depends on the scope of the work. The price will be agreed in advance.

Assistance during the HM Revenue & Customs inspection is not included in the price.